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Kathryn Calimag SFSU 19 June 2015 DSP Essay In the article, “Homelessness Kills,” by Jan Gurley, Gurley writes that there is a common stigma with homelessness and homeless people as a whole, which is that homelessness is inevitable and fixed problem in society, she argues that homelessness is more than just a unavoidable problem in society. Instead both Gurley and the National Coalition for the Homeless argue that homelessness can fall into many different categories and is not just a consequence of peoples’ life style choices (drug addicts). As a society in America we need to change the stigma of homelessness and find a way so most if not all find a place for shelter at least every night. In the US, every time a homeless person was…show more content…
With faster times we forget to help those around us, and as a society I feel the need to pressure those who have more than enough money for themselves, the reason is that we need to be able to gain support from those who are able to fund these ideas in order to fulfill our morals as a proper society we need to be able to function. And in order to function we need to be able to fix the problems that we have with no difficulty like we have now. There needs to be a change in our society that destroys the stigma that comes with homelessness because it a ever changing problem that should be fixed. By fixing the problem as a community we can grow as one and we can plan the first step into forever fixing the homelessness problem. As individuals in society we need to fight and change our state of mind to what we know as “homeless.” Because there is more to being homeless than just living on the streets. Even as adults we forget to teach our kids to think better than we do instead we feed them ideas of what we know is true already. But how many of us truly know what being homeless truly is? In order to fix the growing problem of homelessness we first need to change as individuals as well as a

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