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Tyler Slaughter Mr. Oronoz P3 The Sword in the Stone 1. It starts off with Sir Ector, his son Kay, and Kay’s squire and adopted brother, Arthur. They are headed to a big tournament. They arrive to see people trying to pull a sword out of the stone, since so legend goes that whoever does will be crowned High Kind of England, though none prevail. At the tournament Arthur realizes that he’s lost Kay’s sword. He runs back to the inn they were staying at to retrieve it. He finds the place locked and empty. He then sees the sword in the stone, and has a feeling as though the sword was calling to him. He approached the sword and simply pulled it from the stone. He ran back to Kay. Once Kay inquired about the sword and Arthur told him they approached Sir Ector. Kay claiming to have pulled the sword says he is High King. Arthur is confused as to why he is claiming it as so. Sir Ector goes back to the stone after finding out he pulled it. They put it back in and many others try to pull it out again, however only Arthur can do it. After everyone kneeling to him and him humbly telling them to stand up, Merlin appears and reveals that Arthur’s father is Utha Pendragon, so therefore rightful heir to the throne of England. This made Arthur king, as we know who is today. 2. We learn that despite position we can all have humbleness and respectfulness. When Arthur gains the crown he does not let the power change him and he tells his older brother and father to stand up. He knows that a crown means nothing and that he is still who he was 10 minutes ago. We could also learn not to judge a book by its cover. Arthur was just a squire to his brother. And then the next second he is high king of England. This must shock a lot of people naturally. 3. You can infer that the people at this time were very superstitious in thinking that just because a boy pulled a sword from the stone that

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