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Yahweh Matuguinas Instructor: Graham Bell English 111 31 January 2012 A Summary of the Essay “Sit Down and Shut Up, or Don’t Sit by Me” In the essay, “Sit Down and Shut up, or Don’t Sit by Me,” Dennis Dermody states his observations of some of the audiences’ bad behaviors before and while watching a movie in a theater. Dermody also classifies some groups of people according on how they behave inside the movie theater. He calls them the “chatterers”, “krinklers” and “unending box of popcorn people” (183-184). Dermody describes the readers his habit of making it to the movies at least half an hour before it starts. He does that just because he gets amused by observing how the audiences choose a place to sit along with their bad behaviors the movie. Finally, he states that he should inform the readers about these behaviors before they find themselves “succumbing in these annoying traits” (182). First, Dermody advises the readers to leave their kids at home. For movies that are not really made for kids, it is better that they stay at home. It can set a “day-care center atmosphere” when there are too many kids inside the theater (182). If the kids get bored, they may also make noises that annoy some of the audiences which can lead to a fight among the parents. Worse, these fights would not stop unless a police comes in between. Then, Dermody describes how people choose their seat like they are taking something into consideration before they finally decide. He also gives some examples of what the audiences might be asking to themselves while they try to figure out where to sit. Some of them are “Should I sit down front, or will that be too close?” and “That man seems awfully tall; I bet I couldn’t see the movie if I sat behind him” (183). Some of the audiences find themselves unsatisfied with the seat they chose so they will probably move again to another seat

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