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Summary of Siddhartha Hesse writes this novel about a spiritual life of a Brahmin’s son name Siddhartha that takes place in ancient India around the time of Buddha. The novel is about a successful life of a boy who reaches his goal after facing many difficulties. In this novel, experience is shown as the most effective way to touch reality and gain enlightenment. Consciousness rises after getting real experience and knowledge in life. Siddhartha’s attempts show that separation from the material world is not enough to get real knowledge unless getting real experience to make life successful. It is very difficult to consider our life according to individual events until getting real knowledge from experience. Getting involved with love, business and samanas is not enough to get nirvana for Siddhartha, though they do not make any problem. Every attempt of Siddhartha helps him to get the goal. The main benefit of these events is experience. Part Two “Seeking means having a goal. But finding means being free, remaining accessible, having no goal” (Hesse: 74-75). The speech of Siddhartha conveys very strong meaning and is very related to the main theme of the novel. The novel is about the attempt of a boy to get knowledge and it is come through by experience from every individual event of his life. The entire novel shows every attempt of Siddhartha to reach his goal that is knowledge. Siddhartha is always very active to Talukder get his quest. He always seeks the things that could help him to get knowledge. He never steps back and goes forward to other thing to reach his goal. At the end, when Siddhartha meets Govinda, they try to figure out what they have found. Siddhartha is still in his path and he is satisfied that he reached his goal. Seeking is most important to

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