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In “School is Bad for Children”, Holt states that a child enters school with more willingness to learn and desire to figure things out for themselves than they will ever be at school. He says that children learn the most important thing they will ever need to know before they even go to school which is “the mystery of language”. That when you first go to school you want to be there and want to learn. The author states that children do not learn own their own anymore, that their learning is done passively for them. Holt says that learning is separate from living and in other ways, he learns that he is abandoned and disloyal. Whatever you like or thinks important, its not. The only thing that matters is what the system wants and think is important. So the students learns not to ask questions and given no chances, he soon acknowleges the adults sterio-type of him. Children realize when at school, to be wrong or unsure is not adequate. The school only desires the correct answers and the student has to accomplish ways to “pry the answers out of the teacher.” Holt states that children are taught not to learn from each other, to ignore other students and to focus only on the teacher. Another controversial part of this essay by Holt is that he states that children learn from school how to shut their brains off, and that eventually leads them to drug use. Then Holt gets so bold as to suggest to abolish mandatory school attendance because that would cause the children not to be forced to go to school but to want to go to school. Furthermore, he offers many strategies to fix the school problem, including: remove children from schools and bring them out to the real world, take them to meet adults besides their parents and teaches, let children work together, and let children grade themselves. His final suggestion is to abolish curriculum altogether. Then he closes with

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