Summary Of Revelation 'By Flannery O' Conner

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Essay 2 “Revelations” In literature written by Flannery O’Conner, she uses violence, ridicule and prejudgment in her stories. I believe she does this to “return her characters to reality and to prepare them to accept their moment of grace.” This is proven in her story “Revelation,” where O’Conner uses ridicule and violence to portray her main character, Mrs. Turpin. She goes through a transformation of one person to another through violence in this story. To begin, she is very snotty, close minded, very racial as well as judgmental. But as the story progresses you can tell that she becomes less violent, racial etc…., and more of a well rounded person in general. The story “Revelations” starts off with Mrs. Turpin and her son waiting to see a doctor because of an ulcer that has developed in his leg. While they wait, Mrs. Turpin tears down the people in the waiting room by saying that “They ought to send all them niggers back to Africa.” The fact that Mrs. Turpin judges a person by the color of their skin goes to show how judgmental she can be. Also, when they first walk into the room she begins…show more content…
Turpin, and seems to change her thinking. After Mrs. Turpin pronounces how grateful that she is neither poor nor black, Mary Grace (the fat girl) whips the book she was reading, Human Development, at Mrs. Turpin, which is great use of symbolism. Human development is a symbol for what Mrs. Turpin needs, because of her racism, judgementalism, and ridicule. And the name Mary Grace symbolizes something that relates to Jesus. Mary was Jesus’ mother, and there is a prayer called Hail Mary, which if she were to pray could bring her salvation. This is great representation of how Mrs. Turpin needs to gather a since of humanity and tolerance of others. Then without hesitation, Mary Grace throws the book at Mrs. Turpin, and proceeds to choke her. But before she falls asleep Mary tells Mrs. Turpin to “go back to hell where you came from, you old wort
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