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Process Design Matrix and Summary Crystal Davis OPS/571 May 13th, 2014 Professor Joseph Lentini Process Design Matrix and Summary |Process Design Aspect |Service |Product | |Design focal point | | | |Strategy | | | |Process design approach | | | |Process map | | | |Process Performance Measurement |…show more content…
➢ Assisting with ADL’s. ➢ Performing certain treatments. ➢ Reporting any changes in the client’s health. ➢ Documenting clinical notes. ➢ Meal preparation. ➢ Errands and housekeeping. Process Design Hiring and training is a key performance and indicator in a home care agency when employing a skilled Home Health Aide/Nurse etc. before they can enter a client’s home before they can start to provide care. Every employee should be skilled in their profession and they must complete an in-service training before they are assigned a case assignment in order to provide care to a client, they must be orientated on the following benchmarks: ✓ HIPAA ✓ Confidentiality ✓ Medical Device Act (MDA) ✓ Abuse Policies ✓ Recipient Rights ✓ Infection Control, Universal Precautions, Proper Hand Washing, and Bloodborne Pathogens ✓ TB Screening/Requirements ✓ Safety
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