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"Paul's Case" by Willa Catha Paul wasn't the average teenage boy. While he could lie and carry own with the rest of the crowd of Cordelia Street, he never felt like he fit in. He wore drab clothes that didn’t fit him. Paul had a much richer taste in not only clothes, but also a lifestyle. Unfortunately, he lacked the funds to live the life he not only imagined, but told constant lies about it. "He had autograph pictures of all the members of the stock company which he showed his classmates, telling them the most incredible stories of his familiarity with these people, of his acquaintance with the soloists who came to Carnegie Hall, his suppers with them and the flowers he sent them" (Cather, n.p). Paul went from being a boy who escaped Cordelia Street by visiting Carnegie Hall, to being a runaway thief to New York, to a boy whose dream of an extravagant lifestyle was ruined by an impetuous decision. While it was true that Paul did escape the mundane life of Cordelia Street to the vibrant world of Carnegie Hall and the stock theatre, he did not live the exquisite life he led others to believe. Paul really did have acquaintances of the stock theatre. But that's all they were. He was more of a free helper to the actors than a friend. Paul ached to have such a rich lifestyle. He found solace in the paintings at…show more content…
By working hard and achieving that lifestyle? No way, that's too hard. Why go through all that trouble when you can simple thieve the money from some other hardworking fool? That's exactly what Paul did. And he set out to live the glamorous life he felt he belonged in. He took the money and escaped to New York, where he lived the high life for eight days. He bought fancy outfits and got to see the beautiful snowy streets of New York, watch an opera, and live on a high from the glitzy life New York offered. He felt at home in New York, in such fine clothes. No one looked at him funny, no one judged

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