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Jubilee by Margret walker is a novel on the story of vyry a slave who since a child went through many struggles starting with the death of het mother and beging her life journey when forced to move into the " bug house" with her biological father. Miss Salina, Master Dutton’s wife, doesn’t like Vyry because since Vyry is also Dutton’s daughter, Vyry looks as if she could be twins with Lillian, who is Salina’s daughter. Dutton isn’t that hateful towards his slaves. He has conversations with them and everything and there’s this occasion where Vyry forgets to throw out something that Lillian used to pee during the night so Salina throws it on Vyry and another times Vyry is being punished by being hanged by her thumbs in a closet and John Dutton comes and he takes Vyry out of there and he gets mad at Salina. While Vyry is in the Big House, she works with Aunt Sally in the kitchen. There’s this slave named Lucy, which also works on the plantation. She tries to…show more content…
It does not bring immediate freedom for Vyry. In addition to her caretaking duties, she, along with a "contraband" freedman named Innis Brown, must work the crops, as she anxiously awaits word from Randall Ware, her husband. When she receives news that Ware is dead, her heart will not allow her to believe it. Innis Brown, however, expresses interest in Vyry; befriends her children, "Minna" and Jim; and asks Vyry to marry him. His hard work and his dream of owning his home and farm persuaded her to do so. They leave the Dutton plantation and move to Alabama. After several temporary homes, including one burned by the K.K.K , Vyry and her family settle in Greenville, Alabama. The building of the new house is a community effort. Vyry's midwifery and the marketing of her vehetables establish a bond between blacks and whites in the community. The house-building celebration concludes with quilting bees plenty of food, and the solidarity of the "neighborhood

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