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Cori Russell Ms. Myers 10 LA Honors, Period 3 10 December 2012 Creation of the Monster [pic] "Lioncorn: The History of Universal's Frankenstein Monster." Lioncorn: The History of Universal's Frankenstein Monster. N.p., n.d. Web. 11 Dec. 2012. Summary of the movement: Here are the 50-100 words clearly Identifying the movement/event I chose. In chapter 5, Victor Frankenstein finally made his creation after months in a stormy night. It all started when he went off to his hidden apartment to start a secret apparition. As he is starting his process he neglects his family friends and any other social areas. Now since he has been lonely and avoiding people he decided to stay in his apartment and create a powerful experiment. Once he brought the monster to life he got very terrified and afraid of it. After going to sleep wishing the monster wasn’t there he woke up with its laying across its bed with a big smile on its face. Later that day victor left because he thought his apartment was hunted and ended up running into a old friend. This pretty much sums up how victor created and got scared of the monster. Explanation: I chose this image because it shows when victor created the monster. Also victor is looking at the…show more content…
Frankenstein started off with four letters. The first letter was written on December 11 from St. Petersburg. Walton is headed to the North Pole for a Journey. Walton hold purpose was to discover a northern passage to the countries on the other side of the world. Also he planned to rent a ship and a crew and go away. Leading into his second letter that was in March he talked about how he was lonely. He feels as if he became very sensitive. He described his journey as fixed at fate. Lastly he confessed his romantic love. Now the forth letter was very short and described his triumph. This letter was written on July 27th. He closed his letter with a beautiful

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