Summary Of Lily's Rituals

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Lily is a 13 year old girl whose mother died when she was very young. She now lives with her father T Ray, whose doesn’t treat her like much of a daughter. He blames lily for her mother’s death. T Ray hired a women named Rosalyn to raise lily from a very young age. Rosalyn was African American and lived in a house in the woods behind the owen house hold. She was not a practicing Cristian but she had a religion of her own. “her shelf ad to do with a religion she’d made up for herself, a mixture of nature and ancestor worship.” (p.29) Lily lived in a city in south Carolina. The town was divided, Black and white. The black and white people were not to associate with each other, they had their own places in the community. Even churches in this area were segregated. Black people had their own churches and so did white people. They would not mix.…show more content…
Therefore she has a ritual where she made this wall. ‘The whaling wall” was a wall in the backyard of the house where she would go and write down her thought or why she was upset at that very minutes and put the piece of paper in the wall and that would be her secret about why she was upset. This is a spiritual ritual that helps her cope with her issues regarding her life. The sisters of the house have a statue of the black Madonna the same on that is on the jars of their honey and they perform weekly prayer gatherings with other women around this
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