Summary of “Lessons of Love from Stories of Old” by Gary Lipschutz

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SUMMARY OF “LESSONS OF LOVE FROM STORIES OF OLD” BY GARY LIPSCHUTZ “Lessons of Love from Stories of Old” (2003) is an essay in which Lipschutz argues that people search for love and happiness in all the wrong places by virtue of allowing themselves to take literally, and be influenced by, the messages from social media, such as the internet, television and theatre, whether through commercials, movies, TV sitcoms, dramas, or reality shows, none of which offer a true representation of life. He points at these forms of commercialism, which could also be called marketing strategies, as expensive and profitable means for large businesses to prey on the weakness of our sexual urges and our desire for the perfect love, for the sole purpose of manipulating us into purchasing their products or services. He focuses on the futile tendency some of us might have for taking the media’s messages literally and then applying them to our lives, which will ultimately damage our chances of finding happiness by setting unrealistic expectations and encouraging us to pursue superficial goals that are inaccessible or that have nothing to do with real love, for example: a perfect appearance, fashionable clothes, money, nice car and condo, etc. Lipschutz calls this type of thinking not only unrealistic but actually selfish and lazy; he even bluntly states that someone who evaluates a potential partner like this is insincere and irrelevant, because none of this has to do with sincere love and building long-term happiness in a relationship. He illustrates his point through the Sleeping Beauty fairy tale, where the popular underlying message seems to be that a woman needs to be rescued by a man – a rich one. Putting this belief to the test, he makes a comparison to the life of Princess Diana of Whales; most of us would agree that in spite of her fairy tale wedding, and the fame and

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