Summary Of Killed Strange And New England Family Life

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Killed Strangely and New England Family Life Killed Strangely, The Death of Rebecca Cornell tells the tale of the mysterious death of an elderly colonial woman and the cases that lead to the prosecution of her son Thomas Cornell. As the book goes on it is unclear to the reader how Rebecca Cornell is actually killed. Throughout the book, more and more evidence is brought up that leads the reader to believe one thing and then later change their mind. At first the reader believes Thomas killed her, and then evidence is presented that suggests she died accidentally and then there is even other evidence that suggests she may have committed suicide or was even killed by an outsider. It is not how Rebecca…show more content…
When the Puritans first made their way to Boston and other colonies in New England they often did so as a family. While some men came over to the New World by themselves a lot of the people who came over brought their family with them. The reader can see this directly through the actions of Rebecca’s family. “And Thomas Sr. and Rebecca were doing their part to perpetuate the family line by parenting eight living children in their fifteen married years before emigrating in 1638…when they sailed for Massachusetts Bay with their large brood” (Crane 60). This example clearly shows the size of some of the families that came over from England. It wasn’t just the size of the families though it was how extensive they were. As Rebecca’s children grew up they began to move away from home extending the family and having children of their own. The only child who didn’t leave home was Thomas who lived with Rebecca along with his children, but the rest were scattered throughout New England. While Killed Strangely tells the story of the mysterious murder of Rebecca Cornell it is much more than just a story. In the end Thomas Cornell is found guilty in the case of the murder of Rebecca Cornell. Whether he was actually guilty or not is not the main focus of the book, however. It is what can be learned about New England family life that really makes this book important. In most New England families the males were usually head of the house, domestic violence was common, and many families were large and extensive. Rebecca Cornell’s family serves as one of the best examples of what New England family life was actually like at the
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