Summary Of Jonathan Kozol's Fire In The Ashes

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On Wednesday, April 3, 2013, Jonathan Kozol spoke at Indiana University East over his new book “Fire in the Ashes”. Jonathan Kozol received a Rhodes scholarship from Oxford University, however he didn’t use that scholarship and continued on to study in Paris, France with men like Richard Wright and James Waldron. After that Kozol gave up a wonderful career as a teacher to move to a poor black neighborhood and teach as a fourth grade teacher. Jonathan talked about the summer of ’64 on how he was around during the march from Massachusetts to Mississippi in order to break apartheid, however many were killed and buried by the police and the Ku Klux Klan on their way down south. During that time he met with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. where he was asked to be a body guard for him, he turned down that position. Kozol started teaching in 1964 at a segregated school in Boston, Massachusetts as a kindergarten teacher. He met one little girl who changed his life, and is still in his life today, her name is Pineapple. Jonathan described Pineapple as a girl who was on the plumpish side and extremely bossy. He talked about how she tried to set him up with a woman when she was eight years old and when she was nine she sat him down and told him that she wished he dressed…show more content…
He talked about meeting three young boys; the first boy was always hungry and there was distance in his eyes. He went to a school that was 99% black and Latino, it is now 100% black and Latino. Jonathan went and bought him corn flakes and they’d just sit down and eat them. However when the boy was 14 he killed himself by an overdose of heroine. The second boy he talked about was brief and to the point, he committed suicide by shooting himself. And the final boy, was ‘surfing’ on the subway system and sat up and he hit his head on a steal beam two weeks before his 14th
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