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Erin Beer Letter to A Change of Heart about animals 5/9/14 Per. 5 In Jeremy Rifkin’s article “A Change of Heart about Animals” argues that research has shown we’re closer to animals than we think we are by emotions, language, and connections. I disagree with this argument, we might have grown more empathy for animals and have similarities in language to gorillas or groom ourselves like chimpanzees, or even stimulate happiness like rats. Rifkin believes that scientific research that uses animals should be stopped. In some cases scientific research is abused but is the protection of animals against science really beneficial for the human race? Similarities in animals and humans have grown but there is a line between animals and humans. Empathy for animals has grown as each generation goes on and more research about animals is found. More families buy pets and use them as…show more content…
Dogs herd or hunt, cats to catch mice, now we’re dressing them into outfits for attention. We have created foundations to stop animals going extinct. We have bigger hearts for animals but Rifkin is asking if animals like are equal or better than ours. Animal research is abused in some aspects in cosmetics and hair products. All of our wants for beauty is used on animals, which isn’t morally right. Animal research to discover new medication for cancer or transplant patients or any patient in medical need, animal research is saving their lives. Pig heart valves are being replaced into humans. Rats are tested for new medications that could be used for us but don’t want to potentially harm humans. Rifkin is comparing the life of a rat to a life of a human. Animals attack humans even if humans aren’t a threat to the animal. We should be treating animals how they treat us. Animals aren’t going out of their way to raise money to make barriers or no hunting grounds for

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