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Devin Nicholson Nicholson 1 Ms. McLennan ENG 4UV-01 July 17, 2014 ISP Reader’s Journal 1. When I was halfway through the book I was completely aware that in the short term and long term of me reading the book Aminata was in constant danger of death. Aminata is always looking at the long term future and the chance of becoming free because if she was looking just at the short term she would have probably given up at the first sign of trouble. In the short term future it always felt as if someone was going to die. Whether it was Aminata’s husband Chekura, or any of the other slaves Aminata was close with it always felt like things were going to take a turn for the worse which left me as the reader on edge. Despite all of the pressing negatively in the short term it also always felt that Aminata was on the verge of freedom. It always seemed as if she just needed on piece to fall into place and she would be on her way home to Africa.…show more content…
Due to her intelligence and her ability to learn quickly Aminata seems as if she always has an advantage over all of the other slaves. It also helps that she is favoured by the majority of the white folks after she leaves Mr. Appleby’s plantation. In the long run it always feels she will get home to Africa because that is what her dream is and it just feels right to the reader that she will fulfill her dream. Also in the long run of the book it always seems that Aminata will be reunited with her husband Chekura and no matter how long they were apart it always feels as if he will
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