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The story of Fox Company’s last stand is in the frozen hills of northern Korea. In November 1950, after General MacArthur ignores Mao’s warnings and pushes his UN forces deep into North Korea, his ten thousand First Division Marines find themselves surrounded and hopelessly outnumbered by 100,000 Chinese soldiers. This book is a story of heroism and self-sacrifice when faced against almost impossible odds. The Marines only chance for survival is to fight their way south through the Toktong Pass, a narrow valley in the Nangnim Mountains. The mission was handed to Captain William Barber and the 234 Marines of Fox Company, a courageous but small unit of Marines. Barber and his men were ordered to hike seven miles of frozen land to a rocky…show more content…
Many Marines have given up their lives in order to protect one another and defeat the enemy. This story teaches today’s Marines how to fight like Marines as well as why this service holds so many honors. The never say die attitude of every man on that hill is proof why the Marines are America’s elite, because they can take every hardship that God and the world can throw at them and still never give up. The Marines in this book are the kind of fighters we should all try to be. Courage is one of the main traits than shows the most throughout this story. I cannot imagine going through the struggle of a week in the ice cold weather like they did. Being in the front of the battle was something I always wanted to do but after reading The Last Stand of Fox company I’ve realized it’s going to take a lot more than what I thought. I would recommend this book to a lot of people. Even though this book is based on a true story there is a message to every marine that ever wanted to give up on anything. The message shows that the will and strength to push forward and keep fighting in every struggle is party of what makes you a good

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