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The book “Enders Game” by Orson Scott Card, is set in the future, during the aftermath of a war, which was against buggers. Buggers are foreign invaders. The term is used to talk about them, or as a type of insult, or to make someone lesser. The story takes place in different settings, going from Earth to space as they go between the separate characters. The story is told in 3rd person omniscient. And overall, it was a good read. The main character, Ender Wiggin, is a 6 year old that shows true potential for a military program. He shows his violence, but only to prove a point. Since he was born, the government has had an eye on him. The main reason being, his parents genes had matched up perfectly and gave good promise for a great commander. There is a strict limit on how many kids adults can have, so by law, the parents had no choice whether or not to give up their son to the military. But, Ender was given a choice. He decided to go. To leave everything he had. To get away from his maniacal brother, and his loving sister, perhaps the only person that gets him, and ever will get him. The military program was on a space station that first taught them book knowledge, then…show more content…
They’re sure the reason is emotional problems. So, the go to Earth. While there, they speak to Valentine. They try to ask nicely, but then make slight threats. They eventually get what they want. They make Valentine wright a letter to Ender. One that he’ll actually receive and that they won’t put up. After Ender reads it. He is at first relieved. Until he seriously recalls all of her mistakes. It was like she had been trying too hard to be herself. He realizes that the overseers had taken what she has said in her previous letters, got there point across, then written it with her handwriting. Then enrages Ender. With his head nearly bursting, he gets on his game, without a care in the world and somehow beats his challenge once

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