Summary of "Dead Poets Society"

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Dead Poets Society The film, Dead Poets Society, is about a few young boys attending preparation school. The school has a high level of discipline and is based on traditions. Both Neil and Todd, who share room, have parents with high expectations. Neil’s father wants his son to become a doctor and he has planned the whole future for Neil. Todd’s parents think that he should become a lawyer and they do not give him a lot of attentions as they send him the same desk set each year. Their new English teacher, Mr. Keating or “The Captain”, is different from the rest and some of the students find him mad. In their first class, he brings them to see pictures of some of the former students at the school. Through poems he tells them to seize the day, Carpe Diem, a term which he thinks the students should live by. Mr. Keating’s way of teaching brings out the uniqueness of the pupils, but the other teachers, bound by traditions and discipline, do not like his way of teaching. The students however find a yearbook where it says that Mr. Keating was a member of a group called Dead Poets Society. Together they reform the group and begin to “seize the day”. For instance Neil begins to act and a fellow student, Knox, starts to see a girl he likes. In an English class, Mr. Keating reveals Todd’s poetic skills, which Todd wasn’t aware of. When Neil’s father finds out that his son is acting, he tells Neil to quit at once. Neil remains in the play anyway and when the father sees it he gets Mr. Keating fired and makes Neil move school. The sad Neil commits suicide and the school returns to
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