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Wendy Perez Analysis At the beginning of the opening chapters, Cooper introduces the setting between the brutal and bloody war of the French and Indian War. There are some parts in the novel where Cooper used historical facts to narrate the actual, lived events in this colonial history of the United States. Although there are roots in his narrative to be from his own imaginary war, Cooper wanted to emphasize the tensions between mankind and the land, natives and the colonists, and nature and culture. The characters in the novel are illustrated in various ways that national cultures interact. They even materialize some of the extended stereotypes held during the colonization of America and racial tensions arise throughout the chapters. For example, Cora feels a sexual attraction to Magua; attraction like these terrified white men because they feared of caused the possible widespread removal of Native American…show more content…
Cooper introduces the first firm friendship of Hawkeye and Chingachgook, regardless of their difference in race, making it unnecessarily for whites and Indians natural enemies. Along on their adventure, the group travel farther and Cora shifts her attention to Uncas, and it may be due to her mixed race for a desire of an interracial relationship, unlike that of her sister. The characters react differently to the illusion of interracial love; making it to society that racism goes deep like if tit had been spliced into nature. In his writing I’ve noticed that Cooper used some collaboration of ideas of his own and of other writers to emphasize the theme of his novel. For example, William Cullen Bryant’s “An Indian at the Burial-Place of His Fathers” is expressed in the novel as a reflection on the tensions between the amplifying national culture and an abbreviating Native American

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