Summary Of Art Spiegleman's Survival: Luck Or Wisdom?

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Survival: Luck or Wisdom? Art Spiegleman’s books, Maus I and Maus II, are graphic novels describing Art’s father, Vladek, and his plight through the Holocaust. During that time, the Jews were performing acts so unthinkable that if performed today, would be seen as crude and obscene. These acts, though looked down upon, were done with only one thing in mind: survival. Surviving the strict Nazis and traumatizing death camps depended purely on one’s good luck or one’s strategic knowledge. As for Anja and Vladek, one might find that they’re success is due to 3 components: their placement in society, their skill in bribing/making deals, and their ability to think before action. Placement within society was a major contributor in the end result of a Jew’s life; therefore, Anja and Vladek began their treacherous journey with an advantage. Of course, when Nazis began slowly taking everything away from Jews,…show more content…
It was one man for himself throughout the entire graphic novels; many times it is shown in the pictures and said in the writing. In chapter 4 of Maus I, one gets a glimpse of this when “Vladek visits shops that owed him money before the war…”, and how his aptitude in business and trade over the years rewarded him greatly later on. Even when he was near death, Vladek bribed other men with bread just so they would take him down to the train; the train to survival that is. One would think that the Nazis wouldn’t participate in these acts considering they might have everything they need, or even want for that matter. But yes, they participate, and it was solely just because they could and it gave the Jews less. For example, in the picture depicting the scene about Vladek’s friends making a deal with a Nazi soldier to escape, you see later on that he shoots them when they act on the plan. So even though they participated, they were none at all neither fair nor
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