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Analysis Essay Polished Draft I will use Xin as my name until I am the in tomb. Anna Quindlen in her article, “The Name Is Mine”, states that her name belongs to her and discusses how her name has helped to shape her various identities. Some people think that a woman’s name represents who she is. When they are daughters, they keep maiden name, and when they become different roles such as mothers or wives, then they use their husband’s name. But other people have the contrasting belief that name should not be changed. If we look closely at how the author defines herself, we discover that a last name should be kept for one’s whole life. Love cannot be replaced if a woman doesn’t change her name. “A wise friend who finds herself in…show more content…
Quindlen says: “It was mine. It belonged to me,” (Anna, 18). I would like to ask a question that does getting married mean giving up the most basic foundation of a woman’s identity? If the same situation comes to men, would they agree to change their names? I would like to give a hypothesis that if an apple represents a male and a banana represents a female, then they get married, what you would like to call the banana. I guess everyone will continue calling banana “banana”. Furthermore, if my last name is really my dad's, then no one, including my dad, has a last name that's actually his. To me, as it would be for many other people, my name is my identity. If someone asks you "who are you?" the answer that you give is your first and last name. For me, my name is who I am. Quindlen was careful to say that her decision about keeping her own name is not necessarily the best answer to this complex question. However, keeping your name is ensuring your identity and being respectful to your parents; not keeping your name cannot show love between two people changing. I am sure that I will not change my name after I marry to a person. I will never change because it holds a lot of meaning and was given to me at birth and my
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