Summary of American Gothic

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Taylor Braman Mr. Gross English 11 (A) November 17, 2010 Characters C. Gordon Gregg: The main antagonist of the novel, Gordon is a well known pharmacist and citizen in Chicago. Unknown to many though, his castle estate was built by checks received through shady business deals and one large check from a life insurance claim. A pale character which an odd appeal to most, Dr. Gregg is based upon the murder H. H. Holmes. Jim Frazer: A worker for Dearborn Mutual Life Insurance Company, Jim is the unlucky one to deliver the check to Dr. Gregg and become one of his target. He is also unlucky enough to run into his fiancé after leaving the little Cairo exhibit where a belly dancer was attracting a crowd. Not the brightest of men but truthfully loves his fiancé Crystal. Crystal: The fiancé of Jim Frazer, Crystal is a young up and coming reporter for one of the top newspapers in Chicago. Impressive cunning and curiosity are two traits that make Crystal such a good reporter. She becomes drawn in by the mystery of Dr. C. Gordon Gregg which leads to many complications. Setting American Gothic takes place during the 1893 World’s Fair in Chicago, Illinois. The story moves between the World’s Fair as well as C. Gordon Gregg’s Castle Estate. Plot Theme I believe the theme of this novel is that you cannot judge a book by it’s cover. This applies to Dr. C. Gordon Gregg as he was a fine citizen of Chicago, was a well established Pharmacist and was quite wealthy yet he was a crazed murder. Opinion I believe that American Gothic was a great book that was written far beyond it’s time. I like it so much because of how in depth it forms the characters and how much it makes you think while you’re reading it. The horror portions aren’t just mindless bloodbaths but well thought out and surgical murders. I am an avid horror fan and it makes me very happy to read a
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