Summary of America Alone

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America alone: the end of the world as we know it by Mark Steyn is a unique look at the problems facing America. He is uses his book to serve as a warning to the American people. He believes that if America does reform they will not succumb to this Islamic influence. Just as Europe has, they did not reform and kept things the same and now have the problem of dealing with Islam. Steyn believes that America still has time to change and develop barriers against this influence. He says that we are the only left strong enough to withstand this over powering influence. I believe that Steyn is correct in what he is saying. That America will be able to withstand this influence. Our country has many different cultures within it and none of their influences have been overpowering. I fell that with a little bit of change we can lower the effect of this Islamic movement and it will kind of just fall into the melting pot that is America. I believe that Steyn is right about what is happening in the world. When you sit down and watch the news you will see stuff about the middle east or Islamic people or America trying to help them. I think America will be unharmed because we are influencing Islamic countries. Making their country more like ours which would lead me to think America cannot not really be affected because they know and follow our customs. Unlike Europe who does not have that much influence on Islamic so they were easily overwhelmed by this
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