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Case Summary: Alice Liberty University Case Summary of Alice Alice H. presents as a 53 year old, twice divorced Caucasian female who has been working for a local grocery store as a cashier for the last 20 years. Alice H.’s chief complaint is stated as a difficult relationship with her supervisor, who Alice states is of Asian descent. Alice states the relationship has been somewhat difficult for the last 6 months, but seems to becoming more difficult each day. Alice describes her supervisor as unfair, insensitive and “just wants her to leave”. Alice has been married and divorced twice and has two grown children, Kim (32) and Jonathan (30) from her first marriage. Alice grew up in a predominantly white neighborhood just south of Phoenix. Her parents John and Mary have owned a small business in downtown Phoenix for the last 40 years. Her father spent long hours at the family business and had little interaction with the children. Child rearing was primarily left up to Alice’s mother, Mary. Alice has one brother, Steven, who is much younger than her at 35. Steven has been married to his wife Rebecca for 15 years, has one child Steven Jr. who is 12 and is the Chief Operating Officer for a self-storage company consisting of 13 facilities. Alice’s states her parents, especially her father,…show more content…
She believes his treatment of her is due to her ending the relationship. Alice is experiencing difficulties sleeping and concentrating. She states she is getting only a few hours of sleep each night, is becoming increasingly depressed, and often tearful. Alice denies any increase in alcohol or drug use. Alice’s symptoms have lasted at least three months and appear to be getting worse. Alice is currently not on any medication. Alice states she has no support from family or friends. This presenting issue and its symptoms have led her to seek

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