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Summary of Achievement There was quite a bit of information covered in a short amount of time in this nursing research class. I have gained some knowledge in critiquing research. I found the literature review and nursing research critique papers difficult, however they were needed in order for me to learn and grow. I honestly had little understanding of research and I did not think it applied to me based on my personal goals at the beginning of this course. As I have progressed throughout this course I have changed my opinion on that one. Since the start of this course I have actually applied knowledge I have learned on research while at my job. Nursing research is used daily at my job even though I was not aware of it. I use it daily on core measures, foley catheter associated infection and influenza and pneumonia vaccines. I track these on my job and essentially it is nursing research. I have learned quite a bit about qualitative and quantitative research. I have found that I enjoy qualitative research much more. I think that may be because I am an emotional person and I enjoy reading about other persons' perspectives. I find it fascinating. I struggle with writing papers and I am sure throughout my journey to obtain my degree I will encounter many more assignments that include papers. While I struggle I also know that with each one I write I will learn more. I enjoyed having Professor Brothers critique of my papers. I can say at the start of class I thought she was a little strong in her critiquing but I appreciate her honesty. She is the expert and I have really learned from her. Many of the statistical terms were confusing as I found the weekly discussion assignments difficult due to this . I find statistics confusing, it seems there are so many terms that just make it more confusing. I did find it interesting reading other students' posts and their

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