Summary Of A Hero's Journey

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Summary: This section describes Tereza’s and Tomas’s life after they move back to Prague, but it focuses a lot more on Tereza than it does on Tomas. The lovers have grown apart. Tereza rises every morning to have breakfast with Tomas, despite his protests. Since their daytime schedules conflict, Tereza refuses to give up this chance to spend time with him. Tereza's fear of the body continues. As she walks to the sauna one day, she watches the young women of Prague pushing their way through the crowd, and recalls the same young women in miniskirts taunting Russian soldiers during the early days of the invasion. Before she dresses, Tereza stares at her body in the mirror. She is embarrassed by her breasts and again wonders over the supposed…show more content…
The dream leaves her understanding that Tomas wants her to die. The dream makes Tereza decide to go visit the engineer. She goes to his room and the two interact awkwardly. In the end, he undresses her and the two have sex. When she orgasms, Tereza spits in the engineers face. On her way home Tereza notices a crow. Earlier she saw some children trying to bury it alive. She takes the bird home to save it, but it’s too late and she watches it die. Later, Tereza returns to the sauna. She thinks of her affair, and realizes that it was the first time she had observed during intercourse. This makes her want to see the engineer again; she imagines herself in love with him. However he never arrives at the bar again and the bald customer that gave her a hard time earlier, calls her a prostitute and hints that people are watching her. Then the ambassador confirms that he is in the secret police, and after their conversation Tereza suspects that the engineer was in the secret police too, and that she was set up for blackmail. When Tereza and Tomas drive through Prague, the city is described differently. It has changed, and gotten ugly. Tereza doesn’t enjoy living here anymore and wants to

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