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Number Exercise Name: Nicole Date: Directions: Find any numerical expressions that are written incorrectly and rewrite them. If an expression is correct or can be written in two ways mark it C. 1. It was somewhere around three o’clock, as I recall. 2. That was the 6th of May. 3. Did that happen between this March date and June 17? Correct 4. The tests take four to six weeks to develop. 5. Did you know the dosage was increased to 2 ½ percent ? 6. The material is stored for ten days at 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Correct 7. Do you consider a 3 percent loss significant? 8. I didn’t have my watch, but I think it was around 1:30. Correct 9. We stayed for three-fourths of an hour. 10. Did you maintain a…show more content…
We expect a financial crisis in the next two or three years. Correct 22. The 8 ½-year-old boat sank 20 miles off Cape Cod. Correct 23. Thirteen bundles of newspapers were burned between 3:30 and 5:30 that same morning. Correct 24. Sulfur Dioxide accounts for 17 percent of all air pollutants by weight. 25. In the nineteenth century, we were warned of the “audacity of elected persons.” Correct 26. My shift starts at eleven and ends at seven. Correct 27. I saw the doctor on 6/12/92 and again on 6/16/92. 28. I refused to pay the tax, which was 40 cents. 29. I’m sure it was Bus No. 135. Correct 30. The amount blood expelled with each beat is 6.1 cubic inches. 31. The amount he is entitled to receive is $620. 32. When Policy Number 386210 was filed, the last two digits were reversed. Correct 33. While you were living on Fifth Avenue, did your daughter live with you? 34. This figure is based on an assessment of 55 percent of the total worth of the land. 35. Two acres are to be given over to the county. 36. Question No. 16 is the damage question. 37. He was 25 years old on his last birthday. Correct 38. A t nine o’clock the manager closed the

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