Summary: Nothing In The Bill Of Rights

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Nothing in the Bill of Rights says that illegal immigrants are allowed entry to the United States, but it does prohibit discrimination against people of different races and national origin within its borders (ACLU, n.d.). This includes illegal immigrants like John Doe. 1. Since John was in custody, what are the procedural steps the police were required to take once John began to incriminate himself? -Miranda is only required when both custody and interrogation are present. John was in custody, but the police had not yet began to interrogate him so they were not obligated to stop John from speaking. His words were voluntary, and therefore his incriminating statements were admissible in court (Stuckey, Roberson & Wallace, 2006, pg. 103). There are no rights in the Constitution that protect us from incriminating ourselves by giving voluntary statements prior to the beginning of a custodial interrogation. However, before the police begin their accusatory interrogation, or questioning John about the crime, they must Mirandize the accused to inform him of his rights.…show more content…
What procedural steps must the officers perform following John’s arrest and interview at the police station? -Following John’s arrest and interview, the officers are required to “book” John. During the booking process, an officer will take the arrestee’s personal information such as his name, date and place of birth and physical description including identifying marks such as birthmarks, tattoos and scars (Stuckey et al, 2006, pg. 100). John would then be fingerprinted and photographed and placed in a holding or jail cell where he would await arraignment or first

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