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Four Summary Note Cards for Assignment Two SUMMARY CARDS 2 Note Card One Shields, S.A (1975). Functionalism, Darwinism, and the psychology of women. A study on social myth. American Psychologist,30,pp.739-754. Shields article addresses three key points in psychology’s history and to simplify them in the hopes of showing how it has affected the study of women’s psychology. * researchers discovered only slight differences between the sexes brain which may explain any differences in the intellectual acuity between them. Some minor differences were also discovered between the male and female brain. Paul Mabius stated that if females weren’t emotional messes, they could be a large threat to males. * the variability hypothesis was able to account for some of the differences between the sexes. The theory showed support for the education of women; however how much education women should receive was a pointed concern. Although the validity theory showed great promise for variations within some sex individuals it did not show significant variances within opposite sex people. * through time maternal instinct was broken down into two components, identified by researchers as drive and motivation. Under the umbrella of the psychoanalytic theory maternal instinct was seen as masochistic, destructive and sexual in nature. The psychoanalytic theory was the first theory to come close to detailing any variations between the opposite sexes. The psychoanalytic may have strayed from the initial ideas of brain size, the variability theory, as well as maternal instinct. However these factors are sometimes still used for both social and political matters but identify them under different labels. SUMMARY CARDS 3 Note Card Two Townsend,T.G., Neilands, T.B., Thomas,A.J.,Jackson, T.R.(2010).I’m no jezebel; I am young, gifted, and black: identify,

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