Summary: North America In The Atlantic World

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Hiltunen, Evan U.S History AP Period 3 536119 August 30, 2014 Chapter III: North America in the Atlantic World The Growth of Anglo-American Settlements: Claim: While the colonies started to arise, more resources and land started to come in actions leading only to some problems being caused and conflicts with the Indians. * Duke of York took over land from his older brother. Many forgeins were at this land while the English puritans started to come into the new land. This happened because the Dutch were very generous and let everybody in. While James didn’t set a legislature till the finally colonists request, he did however gain English authority. * The population started to arise in New England causing people to not be…show more content…
* While the Chesapeake Bay was struggling with money they came to a conclusion that the only way they would be on par with the economy is if they had Tobacco. * Unfortunately now since slaves were getting bought my many rich families, many slurs started to arise such as the n work and many harsh more. * The Carrabin was a main source for slaves which only the high end wealthy families bought and used to work on planation for Tobacco etc. The Web of Empire and the Atlantic Slave Trade Claim- Most large Europeans started to benefit with the economy due the large demand of slaves at the time. This only led to the downfall of small business since now they wouldn’t have much inventory and as many customers to sell their goods too. * The Atlantic economy created a new type of trade call the Triangular trade which grouped all the people of the Atlantic colony into one. * The slaves and the new economy worked a lot better since the demand on the slaves increased significantly. * Mercantilism * Is were all the great powers go against one another to see who has the most power and
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