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Running head: MODULE 5 HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT Module 5 Homework Assignment Wesley Carpenter Allied American University 02 Oct 2014 Author Note This paper was prepared for SOC 135: Introduction to Sociology, Module 5 Homework Assignment taught by Professor Jesse Kleis. Crime is a big part of this family’s everyday life. Though this statement may elicit thoughts of the stereotypes depicted in movies like Casino or Goodfellas, this family actually has a long track record of run-ins with the law. This particular article received attention throughout the United States and has been cited by politicians, law enforcement agencies, and researchers in criminology, psychology and, now, economics. Butterfield’s article describes how the Bogle…show more content…
Ignoring this family cycle of criminality may be a huge cost to tax payers. Butterfield cites an official of the Oregon Department of Corrections who estimated the cost of incarcerating just five of the convicted Bogle family members at nearly three million dollars (in 2002 prices). And, this may just be a lower bound given that it neither accounts for the many administrative costs of their trials, probation, or paroles nor the costs born by the victims of their crimes. It is therefore surprising that little in-depth research has been conducted regarding the relationship between an individual’s own criminality and that of his parents. This omission, we believe, is largely due to the limited availability of data that contains the criminal records of multiple generations. The lack of research on the intergenerational nature of crime can be considered a gap in two lines of research. First, it represents an important gap in the crime literature, as there are substantive policy implications of intergenerational criminal correlations. Such a relationship could imply that policies that appear to be successful at reducing

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