Summary: Manage Programs That Promote Personal Effectiveness

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Assessment 2- Jayde Rogan Manage Programs that Promote Personal Effectiveness Cause and extent of the identified health issue According to Diabetes Australia approximately 280 Australians a day develop diabetes and it is estimated that more than half the cases of type 2 diabetes go undiagnosed. They state that by 2031 3.3 million Australians will have type 2 diabetes and the financial costs will be significant. Their study found that type 2 diabetes will cost $10.3 billion, With productivity losses at $4.1 billion. This is a substantial amount of cost for workplaces, so it is in their best interest to support their workers towards a healthier lifestyle to reduce loss of productivity. Diabetes Australia found that approximately every day 280 Australians develop the disease diabetes. Diabetes is a long lasting condition which usually goes over a persons lifespan. It is caused when a persons body does not convert glucose otherwise known as sugar into energy. This conversion only occurs when the body produces a chemical called insulin. Insulin or not enough insulin is produced so when high sugar foods are consumed the body cannot convert it into energy therefore resulting in high blood sugar levels. Because it is a chronic condition it requires lifelong management. Not only are 280 Australians diagnosed with Diabetes a day but 1 million people within Australia were diagnosed and it is estimated with rates…show more content…
This will require an advanced program to encourage a change and minimise the staffs risks and increase productivity. The program will require education to the staff, Medical checks to obtain risk rates, food/exercise workshops, employee commitment and also great management support and enthusiasm. An overview of a program that could be

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