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Frankenstein: Literature Study Questions (Unit 2) Letters 1-4 1. To whom is Robert Walton writing in all four of his letters? How are they related to one another? His writing to Mrs.Margaret Saville, his sister 2. What country (not in England) is Walton in when he writes letter number 1? Where is he headed after that? He was in the Arctic, To find a new country 3. In letter 2 what seems to be Walton's opinion of the sailors he has been hiring? What reason does he give for feeling unsatisfied in spite of that? 4. During the one month gap between letters 3 and 4, what is the “strange accident” that Walton describes has happened? He and his crew found Frankenstein stuck on a large piece of ice 5. What condition is Victor in when…show more content…
According to Walton, what need must be fulfilled for a man to boast of true happiness? A friend. 9. Why does Victor finally decide a week later to tell Walton what has happened to him? What effects (if any) does Victor think telling his story could have for Walton, and separately for himself? He thinks he'll get Walton to stop taking the path Victor went through. He could get Walton on a different path and Victor can find his new one. Chapters 1-5 10. Victor’s story begins here. Where is he from, according to the label he gives himself? Naples. 11. How does Victor’s father, Alphonse Frankenstein, meet Caroline Beaufort? Why is there such a large difference in age between the two of them? 12. What is Victor’s childhood like? 13. Who is Elizabeth Lavenza? Explain how she ended up with a poverty-stricken family in Italy, and explain where she goes to live after that. Why was this new arrangement made? 14. Who is Henry Clerval? 15. Describe the interests of each character – Victor, Elizabeth, and Henry. What is each of them most passionate about? 16. Who is Corneliu Agrippa, and what leads Victor to find out about him? How does his father react when he finds Victor at age thirteen reading Agrippa’s…show more content…
Why does the creature stay so long by the abandoned fire pit he found? Then why does he leave it? Why does he “lament” having to leave this fire behind? 57. Describe the hovel in which the creature finds shelter. Where is it located? Also, how does he make it more homelike for himself? 58. What kinds of emotions is the creature filled with by secretly watching the people who live in the cottage? What actions of theirs fill him with these emotions? (Remember that he does not yet know any human language, so he cannot understand anything they might say, or even what speaking is.) 59. At first the creature is confused that such kind, loving people would ever weep. What does he discover makes them so sad? What ways does he try to help solve the problem? 60. How does the creature begin to learn vocabulary? Why do you think it was easier for him to learn the words for objects in the room than words for concepts such as “good,” “dearest,” and “unhappy”? 61. Who are Agatha and Felix? What is their relationship like to one another and to the old man they call “Father”? 62. When the creature accidentally sees his own reflection, how does he react? What two reasons does he mention for hesitating to reveal himself to the

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