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Kudler Fine Food Network Overview and Solution Kudler Fine Food Network Overview and Solution Kudler Fine Foods is an upscale grocery store, specializing in specialty foods, along with everyday grocery items. The company has three locations in the San Diego area of Southern California. The three locations are: La Jolla, Del Mar, and Encinitas. After doing a network evaluation of the virtual organization Kudler Fine Foods, I’ve determined that there is a need for major network overhaul that will upgrade KFF’s network speed, reliability as well as create more network options. Being cost effective as well as thorough will ensure that the new network solution is built for the long term. Here are the areas of concern with Kudler…show more content…
The main issues with having only a 56K dial-up modem is the modem is not always on and with a broadband/T1 connection, there won’t be any down time when trying to communicate with another store. POS Components operate better on faster and more up to date equipment. The technology is outdated and to maximize work efforts the company needs a faster data transfer rate and up to date information. This can only be achieved with the proper network solution. A new WAN (Wide Area Network) will be replacing the current setup and each site will have a wireless LAN (Local Area Network) as well. The purpose of the WAN installation is to create a reliable and faster network that will extend to all three store locations; however the main hardware (network and server) will be relocated to the La Jolla location so that network and management services can be centralized. This is strategic since it will eliminate the confusion while also reducing the number of man hours needed for maintenance. Efficiency and cost awareness will make the transition easier once the equipment is upgraded and the design is…show more content…
This causes low speed and poor efficiency on the network. These servers need to be upgraded and updated to Windows 2008 R2, and or the latest versions of Red Hat Linux due to the nature of the business (POS). These upgrades will enhance the inventory methods as well as time spent inputting data. Since all of the hardware is being updated, the software applications will have to upgrade as well. UPS units installed in all KFF’s sites will also need to be upgraded as well. The existing UPS setup must be able to provide enough power and protection to the new network infrastructure. It’s essential that the new UPSs can still support its normal operations and data transmission, even when there are short power outages of any

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