Summary: Is Cash A Worker Or Lazy Like Ance, His Father

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Cash Is Cash a worker or lazy like Ance, His father? By: Ashley Burton English 101 Mr. Trimble Is Cash a worker or lazy like Ance, His father? Cash is the oldest son. He is the one whom Addie refers to when she says that she robbed Anse of one son. Cash was born at a time when his mother had just discovered that words are meaningless and that only through acts can people achieve an awareness of life. Thus, Cash seldom speaks in the novel and usually only after some action is performed. Furthermore, he seems to be concerned with only one act at a time. Thus, he is the natural choice for the building of the coffin because he, like Addie, knows that the finished product is more important than the words…show more content…
He merely says a few things about Cash, mostly that he is his brother and so is Darl. Cash shows his kindness to Vardaman by never being angry with him. Cash finds Vardaman missing right after seeing Peabody's team run away. He also knows that Vardaman drilled holes into the coffin because he believes his mother is alive and still needs air. He even bores into Addie's face, but Cash still does not yell at him and simply mends the holes back. Anse, the father of all the children, does not care much about Cash's work or helpfulness. He at one point even gets in the way of Cash's work and Cash still treats him kindly, "[Anse] goes to the lantern and pulls the propped raincoat until he knocks it down and Cash comes and fixes it back. "You get on to the house," Cash says." Cash then leads his father back to the house and continues to work. Even though Jewel shows little respect towards Cash, Cash still is kind to Jewel and looks after him. When Darl and Cash become suspicious of Jewel sneaking out at night, Cash tells Darl not to confront Jewel about it because it would not do any good. Instead, Cash follows Jewel out one night and finds out that he has been working on clearing a field to raise enough money for a new horse. When Jewel surprises everyone by appearing with the horse, Cash defends Jewel and calms Anse's nerves by saying Jewel worked hard for his horse and only spent his own hard-earned money on it. Cash also consoles his mother who begins to cry after seeing her son defy his father in such a way.

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