Summary: How Congressional Investigations Are Conducted

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How Congressional Investigations Are Conducted By Megan A. Reed American Military University PADM520 Public Administration in Society Professor Timothy Bagwell 3 April 2013 Abstract In this article, “An “I” on Congress: The Process and Products of Congressional Investigations”, Gina Reinhard addresses all the questions such as the who’s, what’s, how’s, where’s and why’s about investigations. She tells us who the primary oversight is, the main factors that influence what decision was made, how decision makers make their determinations, where information comes from regarding the decisions that are in question and why there are certain limits that exist on the power of the committees. The example that Reinhard gives to help…show more content…
Rep. Henry Waxman, who chaired the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee in 2008, had the authority to investigate the use of drugs in MLB because it’s interstate commerce more than a national past time. (SportsITeamBlog 2012) Waxman also gave major credit House Rule X which gave his committee the authority of having broad oversight jurisdiction. The only thing Waxman didn’t want was a hearing but Clemens requested a public hearing. Waxman was able to investigate any matter within the jurisdiction of any committee of Congress. Once key decision makers granted Waxman with authority to investigate the Clemens case he was then able to collect information and utilize any and all resources that were available. Reinhard says the best way for investigative committees to disclose the truth is by analyzing documentation. Government gave baseball the right to be a legal monopoly but rights shouldn’t be taken advantage of either and because using drugs can be an abusive behavior it could harm other players, the coach, and could affect the morale of the sport overall. Waxman was determined to show proof of what Clemens had been doing. Evidence can be obtained from team players, again the coach, family and friends and this is what helps to get information for the investigation. Also in order to be able to investigate there must be valid purposes. (Reinhard

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