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Summary/Response Essay A confused young man wrote a letter to Cary Tennis on (“My afghan family obligations” May 2, 2011) asking about a solution to his problem as a supporter of his entire family or as he said “financial provider”. He plays the important role in helping his sisters and his parents in Afghanistan by sending money that is enough for them. The young man also has some relatives who need support too but he thinks that his responsibility is just to help his immediate family. He is worried about his future because that could affect his financial goals. I think The young man is right about helping his immediate family only and he needs to be careful about his future. I agree that he is responsible only for his immediate family such as his parents and his sisters. His family is very needy so he must help them by sending enough money to them. For some reasons I agree with him, the first one, his parents are very old and really poor, The second one is their feeling toward his care because a little bit of money can make them so happy, The third reason is his income which I mean he works and makes enough money for himself and his immediate family and the last reason is that he is the oldest son so he plays the important role in supporting them and making them feel good. This young man shouldn’t help anyone else other than his immediate family members because that is not his business and he doesn’t have to worry about the financial problem of his relatives when he has the same problem in his own home. What about if he has a big number of uncles, aunts and cousins? In this situation he could put himself in a trouble. There is nothing to do with your relatives if you have only one cup that you use. For me personally, I have the same situation with my

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