Summary: Do You Believe We Need A Draft

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| Respond to this Article | November 2001 | Now Do You Believe We Need A Draft?We're in a new kind of war. Time for a new kind of draft. By Charles Moskos and Paul Glastris | President Bush has said that the new war against terrorism will be "a different kind of conflict." He is more right than he knows. Not only are we facing a uniquely shadowy enemy, one committed to inflicting mass civilian casualties on U.S. soil. But for the first time in our history we are entering a war of significant size and probable duration (administration officials have said it may last for "years") without drafting young men to fight the threat. Not only are we not drafting our young men. We are not even planning to draft them. Elected leaders are not even talking about the possibility of…show more content…
In Israel, draftees serve in both the regular military and as as lightly armed "guard police" along the Gaza Strip. They also man the "home command," which provides security and other services in the country's cities during emergencies, such as the scud missile attacks during the Gulf War. In France, which finally abandoned its draft last year (believing that threats to its security had diminished), conscripts worked alongside professional police in the Gendarmerie and provided emergency airport security when terrorists set off bombs in the Paris Metro in 1995. In Germany, most draft-age men choose to serve either in the military or in some form of civilian service, such as working with the elderly. But about one in ten chooses to work in a state or federal police force, providing such things as border security, or they train as volunteer firefighters and serve part-time for seven years. One can imagine a similar three-tiered system of youth service in America, with 18-month terms of duty for all citizens age 18 to 25. In this new-style draft, conscripts would have what all Americans now demand: choice. They could
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