Summary: Current Events Affecting School Counselors

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Current Events Impacting School Counselors January 2014 Introduction Throughout the history of the professional school counseling field, there have been many key historical events that have helped shaped school counseling into the profession it is today. Some events regarding national policy, such as the No Child Left Behind act and the Elementary School Counseling Demonstration Act has resulted in changes in the roles and job description for the professional school counselor. As society continues to change, such policies will continue to be changed or new policies put in place to effectively serve students and their families. Societal concerns, such as mental health issues and immigration have…show more content…
Each of these are extremely tragic events, and will play a large role in the future discussions of school counselors in training. However, what could be considered the most tragic event to occur in a United States school is the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. On December 14, 2012 after shooting and killing his own mother, Adam Lanza shot his way into the Sandy Hook Elementary School, killing twenty children and six adults and wounded two other adults; Adam Lanza then killed himself (Sedensky, 2013). Of the six adults shot were the principal, the school psychologist, two behavioral therapists, and two teachers (Sedensky,…show more content…
Often times there was not the needed structures in place to ensure that members from the outside agencies were able to effectively meet the needs of the students (Fein, Carlisle, & Isaacson, 2008). Issues such as non-school counselors having no experience with working with children, some volunteers having no counseling credentials, or even some clergy insinuating their beliefs onto students were seen (Fein, Carlisle, & Isaacson, 2008). Because of this, it is important to for counselors to improve their collaboration skills with community agencies. While it is important to reach out to outside agencies, it is also important to ensure that as a counselor one is collaborating with agencies that will be of the most benefit to the students in times of

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