Summary : In Chapter 11 Young People In A Globalizing World

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In Chapter 11 “Young People in a Globalizing World” in the World Youth Report, 2003, the United Nation (UN) examines the relationship between young people and globalization bases on economic and culture aspects. The UN argues that the global youth culture is contradictive, insecurity, and may lead to economic division. However, The UN claims that in the process of globalization, young people combine the local and global impacts and generate their own culture. The UN affirms that because of economic and social division, the extents of young people who are influenced by global culture are various. Thus, The UN assert that young people integrate the local and global cultures in different levels. The first level is hybridization, which the UN defines as young people struggle to negotiate the local and the global elements to cultivate their personal identities. On one hand, young people are rooted in their local communities. On the other hand, western media is weakening the local media, which affects young people on their value system, lifestyle, and consumer culture. This contradictory makes young people feel they exclude to both cultures. The next level is young people’s adaption to the value, which provide by media and commoditisation. The UN notes that young people are directly related to modern technologies, such as mobile phone, internet that create a superficial world, which isolate them in individual spaces. The UN as well refers to the people in Congo use designed products to raise their status. Therefore, The UN contends that this value facilitates global division, and people in poor areas will lack access to global
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