Some Lessons From The Assembly Line Analysis

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Anderson 1 Derek Anderson Instructor Coates English 1101 February 27, 2013 Summary and response to “Some Lessons from the Assembly Line” In his essay “Some Lessons from the Assembly Line”, Andrew Braaksma gives his insights and lessons learned from working as a temp in car factories during summers in between semesters of college. Braaksma begins with an introduction to his job at the factory by giving descriptions of his position on the production line, building assemblies for auto makers. He describes it as hard, dull and labor intensive. Within his essay he explains that the worst part of being part of the blue collar workplace is the worry that he could be layed-off at any time. Through these thoughts he came to the conclusion that factory life was something to escape by higher education. College has never been a question for him after working long shifts at the factory. Flashbacks of factory life while slacking at school, kept him on track almost like he is working hard to avoid the punishment of factory life. Advice from…show more content…
Near the end Braaksma takes away positive experiences from his time done in the factories. I can see that in my own life that my hard work has payed off and I am thankful for that skill. One thing this essay has really made me realize is the opportunities i've had compared to others. I look back and can see that people get stuck in a blue collar job that they don't enjoy and I cant help but feel bad for them although plenty of people really enjoy this type of work. I am glad I’ve had the experiences I’ve had, in order to know that I at least I want to go to college. I think I have to learn things the hard way a lot of times before I get something and that is definitely the same for this instance. All in all Andrew Braaksma and I had many similar experiences and I have been opened to his thoughts and we now share many insights as

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