The Success Of Success In Paul Logan's 'Zero'

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Paul Logan’s “Zero” is an important story about how any person whom has failed in the past can overcome that failure and ultimately become successful. Logan writes about how he didn’t take school seriously because of the bad habits he picked up in high school. After one semester he dropped out of college and began working a bad job. “Zero” illustrates how Logan decided to use his failure to as inspiration and become a great success in college the second time around. Logan uses the essay “Zero” to show how his struggles with failing can be an example for others to find their strengths, and be successful. In this essay, Logan describes his struggles throughout high school and college and the difficult road to academic success. In high school…show more content…
Unfortunately, things don’t always go according to plan, and Logan ended up dropping out of school, and started working at a local grocery store. While working at his grocery store job, he sees some of his friends from high school and feels ashamed that he made a mess of his life without any clear path or goal to success. After that encounter, he realized that he had a second chance. He went to the community college that fall; and opted to become a leader rather than a follower. When a student is not trying to do well in a subject, or in school altogether, there is nothing anyone around them can do to change that; it must be the student’s desire and decision to turn things around, and do the best they can. There are some cases when teachers willing allow a student to fail a class. The teacher chooses not to follow-up with the student, to ensure they understand the material and attain the grades necessary to pass the class. The majority of the students who are falling behind will not even talk to the teacher about their problem. This can be a result of laziness or even shame. Often times, a rough home life may be the reason for a child to do poorly academically. These days, many children do not have what used to be considered a common home life, with two parents in the home. In these situations, the student should not be allowed to coast through school with nothing but sympathy. Instead, the child’s home life should be taken into consideration, and dealt with on a case-by-case basis. Additionally, there are some situations in which the teacher, fearing the loss of their job, will pass a student, regardless of whether or not a passing grade has been

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