Summary and Analysis of the Life Styles Inventory

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| Analysis of the Life Styles Inventory | | Summary and Analysis of the Life Styles Inventory The Life Styles Inventory (LSI) is designed to provide individuals with timely feedback concerning ways that their personal and professional lives can be changed for the better. Using a series of “styles” to measure various aspects of life, the LSI can provide some startling accurate results when respondents are honest and forthright in their responses. This paper provides a summary and analysis of the results of the administration of the LSI to the author, followed by a summary of the research and important findings in the conclusion. Self-Actualizing Style A score in the medium range that is close to the high range means that people with this score are “generally confident” concerning their ability to effect change and improvement in themselves and others. Individuals with this score are pragmatic with a wide range of interests and are able to excel at those things that are deemed rewarding. An interesting finding for a medium score for this style was that a positive outlook for the future is not typically matched by substantive steps to achieving professional development. Achievement Style People who score in the high range on this style tend to feel positively challenged by the tasks that confront them. High scores on the achievement style reflect a belief that even intractable things can be changed for the better and that it is worth taking calculated risks to do so. People with this score tend to approach problems in a methodical manner that maximizes their chances for success. Perfectionistic Style The high score received in this style underscores a significant constraint to personal ad professional development. A high perfectionistic style score means that people tend to have trouble doing their best, even when something positively challenges
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