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Access to the services Whenever you use a health care service such as, visiting your GP and dentist you are accessing that service. Health care services are usually accessed by a process known as a referral. There are three types of referrals: Self-referral: a person chooses to ask for help or go to a service provider such as their local GP. Example, if you are feeling unwell you call your doctors’ surgery for an appointment to see your GP. A person may contact the social care services if they have a problem they are finding difficult to deal with and needs assistance, like a family with a housing issue. Professional referral: a care practitioner puts a service user in contact with another service provider, offers specialist care e.g. a…show more content…
They probably are a lot more understanding of the health and social issues, the individual may have many of the service offering advice and support on maintaining a healthy lifestyle this can improve the health of the individual. Good health increases confidence. You will feel more able to cope with stresses and strains of daily living, work etc. Have more energy to take part in activities outside of work, school and…show more content…
Health care services user needs for example, when you are feeling unwell you go to see your G.P who will examine you and maybe give you prescription for medicine (primary care) refer you onto a hospital for specialist treatment or tests (secondary care). Health services also provide children health clinics to monitor growth and development of babies and young children. Health care services are primary concerned with diagnosis and treatment of illness and disease. Social care services provide help and support those service user’s in the community who are unable to cope because they are under stress, homeless, have a mental illness or because of old age no longer able to care for themselves without assistance with daily living needs. Social services enable people to live in after their own homes providing home care services such as meals and day care. They provide respite and residential care. Social care services provide practical assistance with every day issues faced by the service

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