Summary: A Failure In Generalship

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Sleep is my only refuge from the harshness of the desert at White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico. However, when my commander Lieutenant Colonel Paul Yingling yells “Trahan wake up” that harshness startles me to attention. Briefly, I slipped into my uniform and secured the driver’s seat of our Humvee, in frustration my commander states the location we needed to achieve. The drive was lengthy and tedious, once we arrived to our endpoint, I spotted a gangly old gentleman; his stare was lethal and intimidating. “Get out of the truck” screeches the timeworn man, it was our brigade commander, Yingling’s overseer. Inhaling deeply and giving me a look of uncertainty, my commander apprehensively hops out the Humvee and scurries over to his superior. All I heard in the distance was heavy upbraiding and a lot of unsettling profanity, comparable to an infuriated father disciplining his rebellious teenager. Overhearing this reciprocation made me comprehend the danger of disregarding boundaries of power.…show more content…
Col. Yingling wrote an exposé titled A Failure in Generalship. He offers a harsh critiquing in this article, on American Generals in numerous conflicts especially Vietnam, Operation Iraqi Freedom and the military’s unsound promotion system. He protests that America’s Generals, in both wars, sent our militaries into battle without a scheme or a balanced plan for victory. My perspective on our military’s promotion system is identical to Yinglings’, we feel senior leaders must possess moral courage and creative intelligence, but with a flawed promotion system it may not be attainable in the near

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