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Best Careers in the Next Ten Years! Informational Guide for 2008 High School Seniors Amanda Speece Table of Contents Introduction 4 Purpose and Scope 4 Careers 4 Medical Assistant 4 Job Description 4 Salary 5 Education 5 Colleges Central Penn Business College 5 YTI Institute 6 McCann School of Business Tech. 7 Paralegal 9 Job Description 9 Salary 9 Education 9 Colleges Mount Aloysius College 9 Harrisburg Area Community College 10 Bucks County Community College 11 Executive Chef 13 Job Description 13 Salary 13 Education 14 Colleges The Art Institute of Philadelphia 14 The Culinary…show more content…
However, in the rapid expansion of medical services, physicians have needed a great deal of help. By the 1950s, medical assistants were recognized as an individual occupational group. (No. 4) Core requirements for a medical assistant include, performing administrative and certain clinical duties under the direction of a physician. Some duties include scheduling appointments, maintaining medical records, billing and coding for insurance companies, taking vital signs, preparing patients for medical examination and administering medications as directed by a physician. (No. 6) In addition to performing medical assistant tasks, those with a medical assistant degree are eligible to work in other aspects of the health care profession. Many graduates find employment as clinical assistants or phlebotomists in hospitals as well as in physicians’ offices. Some experienced medical assistants receive promotions to office managers or clinical supervisors. Generally, 60% of medical assistants work in physician offices and 14% of medical assistants work in hospitals. (No. 1)…show more content…
Colleges 1. Central Pennsylvania College is located at College Hill and Valley Roads, Summerdale, PA. Central Pennsylvania College offers an 18-month program towards earning an Associate in Applied Science Degree. While studying at Central Pennsylvania College students will have the opportunity to become a Certified Phlebotomy Technician and sit for the Certified Medical Assistant exam. Students also receive certification in First Aid and CPR. (No. 2) Upon completion of the course work, students will participate in a professional internship. This will give them the opportunity to work with professionals in a health care facility and use the knowledge they acquired while attending Central Pennsylvania College. (No. 2) Curriculum The 18-month curriculum consists of 78 credits. Some of the core required courses include; Medical Terminology, Medical Insurance, Anatomy and Physiology I and II, Allied Health Procedures, Pharmacology, Medical Administrative Procedures, Medical Machine Transcription, Clinical Methods, Clinical Techniques, Diseases and Diagnostic Methods, Medical Laboratory, and Medical Seminar. (No.

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