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AL DIYAFAH HIGH SCHOOL, DUBAI Name: ________________________________ Year: 9 Sec: _____ Date: _________________ Subject: ENGLISH Topic: Summary Writing Objective: To read and identify the key points and to summarize the points from the notes. Selective Summary Guidance Assessed for reading (15 marks) and writing (5 marks) |In a summary you should: |In a summary you should not: | |Select only the relevant points (usually about 20) |Use any irrelevant material, extra information or explanations | |Write in your own words as far as possible |Include lists or examples | |Develop your argument logically and fluently |Repeat yourself | |Use succinct, formal, accurate English |Use quotations or speech marks | |Write in well-planned paragraphs |Introduce your own ideas or opinions | |Aim to produce between 1 – 1 ½ sides of A4 |Use brackets | | |Use rhetorical questions | | |Use imagery, description or clichés | | |Use long-winded expressions | | |Use abbreviations (e.g. can’t, won’t, isn’t

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