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Antoinette Odums Government 2302 Ms. Lewis 07/21/2012 In a political response in regard to Bernie Sanders(Sanders) a very weird looking human-being took a lot of careful steps while he was involved with the Congressional office. Sanders made sure that he covered his entire step by making sure he followed all of the rules of the Constitution. Sanders worked very hard to strive to be the first independent senator for the upcoming year’s new election. Being a part of the Democratic Party gave him a leeway to be able to get more votes alone from his party, but he still had to have the Republicans on his team also for the majority vote. The steps that here followed were very enlighten during campaign season. Even though it was made clear to that would be horrors of congress which really ment little if nothing, because he had a goal the he wanted to accomplish as nothing could stop him. As long as Sanders knew his rights then there was nothing that could really stop him. Something that stood out to me about Sanders more than others is that as soon as he got into office he didn’t waste any time he got right to business to start looking over amendments showing that he was ready to make drastic changes in government rules and regulations. I agreed with Sanders being given the name as king, for the simple fact that he lived up that title. Sanders clearly knew what he was doing while dealing with the house rules committee, because even if the Republicans really wanted to, or even tried to objects Sanders thought process of passing an amendment it would be just a waste of their time. One of Sanders tactics were to get the rules committee to go with his thought process, because it is almost impossible to just about being realistic that the rules committee will has always found a way to disagree with someone’s plan. Which is the actual last step before the legislative

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