Summary 1st Presidential Debate 2012

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Trevino 1 Maria Trevino Miss Perales English III AP/A Period 9th Summary 1st Presidential Debate President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney squared off in their first debate tonight. This debate is an easy one to call: Romney won in a landslide, while Obama appeared flatfooted, tired, and somewhat detached. As a result, the president’s poor performance will almost inevitably change the existing media narrative from “Romney, the inevitable loser” to “Will Obama blows his lead?” Romney looked prosecutorial; Obama looked professorial. Romney exhibited strong energy without appearing overly aggressive; Obama bordered on soporific, as if this was just another daily briefing. Romney played offense; Obama remained on defense through much of the night. Romney looked Obama in the eye during attacks; Obama addressed the camera—when he wasn’t looking anywhere in particular instead. Romney spoke in a confident and fluid style; Obama’s speech was cluttered with dozens (if not hundreds) of distracting “uhhhs” and “ummms.” Romney delivered his messages with clarity, such as when he repeatedly said, “I will not raise taxes on middle class families.” Obama buried his messages within longwinded answers, reducing their impact. Romney looked attentive but confident in the split screen “reaction” shots; Obama looked more conciliatory and agreeable, even saying “I’m sorry” at one point. Romney wore a red tie with dark stripes that “popped” on the screen; Obama Trevino 2 wore a solid royal blue tie that blended in with the purple background and reinforced a sense of fatigue. Romney appeared more empathetic and understanding of the problems of middle class Americans; Obama prioritized information over personal connection, even saying, “we have some data.” Romney opened strong; Obama squandered his opening by congratulating his wife on their anniversary for the first 20

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